Hi i am quite new to the world of case modding. But i do know a bit about it. This is my first big project and i have a budget of £60.00 to buy a case and then do it up. I have already bought the case which cost £23.00, so now i have £27.00 to buy Fans, cathodes, Fan guards ect. I have seen other cases modded and they look cool, so that is why i am doing it. I hope to sell my case and components inside for £350 when i have finished.

Ebuyer, The best site for case modding!

The design for my case is simple. Black case with All other things blue and silver. The Fans have blue LED's in them and the Cathode light is Cold blue also. I have plenty of blue thumbscrews aswell. The fan controller is silver with blue LED's.


I will build this beast in steps, first putting the mainboard in then building around it. I will put four fans in altogether, two fans will be blowing cold air into the case and one fan plus an exhaust fan will be sucking the warm air out. The cathode light will be laid across over the MB. I will put the fan controller in the same time as i put the fans in, that way i can check that they are all working.


When i finish i will display all stages throughout my build process and even show a small video clip of the case up and running. If you do have any questions or even any hints or tips for me just contact me by looking on the contact page.

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Thanks for looking at my case modding site. Hope that you have found some of my information helpfull for your first project. I am always looking for some sort of MOD for my pc on Freewebs. Go onto my contact page to get the address for that site, My WANTED adds will be under the nickname of BuddenTech. THANKS FOR LOOKING!!!!!!!